30 Sep 2014
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With support from the United Nations Central Emergency Response Fund (CERF), the World Health Organization (WHO) has taken the first step to restoring Central African Republic’s (CAR) shattered health system.

In the midst of conflict and mass displacement, WHO undertook a nationwide assessment of the countries health system, providing a complete overview of the functionality and needs of more than 800 hospitals, clinics and other health facilities.

According to Dr Michel Yao, WHO’s Representative to CAR: “The entire health-care delivery structure in CAR has been heavily disrupted, and basic services are completely absent in many locations.”

“This was the first time a comprehensive assessment of all CAR’s health facilities has been undertaken … this is important for the acute emergency,” said Dr Yao.

The study revealed that more than half of the health facilities outside the capital, Bangui, no longer function. In some regions, more than 75 per cent of health facilities are unable to offer basic services.

Besides exposing urgent needs, the review also pointed to a worrying lack of funding to resuscitate the crippled sector. So far, less than a third of the US$64 million requested for total health sector funding in CAR has been received.

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