25 Jul 2014
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The UN Emergency Relief Coordinator (ERC), Valerie Amos, has allocated US$75 million from CERF to support 11 countries in two regions where humanitarian needs are high but financial support is low: West Africa’s Sahel and the Horn of Africa.

With this regional approach, CERF aims to help relief agencies address the complex and interlinked regional consequences of violent conflict, mass displacement of people and deepening food insecurity.

“With so many crises competing for attention many people in need are forgotten. This allocation will help critical emergency operations in the Sahel and in the Horn of Africa, regions with high levels of malnutrition and food insecurity,” said the ERC.

This is the second round of allocations from the CERF Underfunded Emergencies (UFE) window in 2014 to support life-saving relief work in countries where funding for critical aid operations is low. 

Countries in the Horn of Africa will receive $44.5 million to support the life-saving efforts of relief agencies in Somalia, Ethiopia, Kenya and Eritrea. Djibouti had already received $4 million form CERF in January 2014.

Another $30.5 million will allow humanitarian partners to boost emergency operations in seven countries in the Sahel: Niger Cameroon, Senegal, Burkina, Faso, Mauritania, Nigeria and Gambia. Chad and Mali received $10 million and 11.4 million in January.

In January 2014, CERF allocated $95.5 million from the first round of UFE to ensure relief work in Chad, Colombia, the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, Djibouti, Haiti, Mali, Myanmar, Pakistan, Sudan, Uganda and Yemen.

Since 2006, CERF has disbursed $1.245 billion in UFE grants for forgotten or neglected crisis.

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