31 Jul 2013
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31 July 2013, New York: The CERF Semi-Annual Update has been issued. Get an overview of CERF's activities since the beginning of the year: :

  • CERF Annual Report 2012

On 3 June 2013, the CERF secretariat released the 2012 CERF Annual Report, highlighting a record year for CERF. As crises continued to proliferate worldwide, the CERF secretariat received more requests for funding than ever. CERF disbursed US$485 million for 546 projects in 49 countries and territories – the highest amount since its inception. This achievement was made possible by the 69 Member States, several corporations, regional governments and dozens of private individuals that invested more than $427 million in CERF, showing remarkable support and solidarity in tough economic times.
Printed versions of the CERF Annual Report will be shared with Member States in New York, Geneva, as well as humanitarian agencies. An electronic version of the report is also available on CERF’s website at cerf.un.org.

  • Pledges and Contributions for 2013

CERF is off to a strong start for 2013. As of 30 June, CERF had received $324 million of the $420 million pledged by donors for 2013. During the annual CERF High-level Pledging Conference held in December 2012, more than $383 million was pledged to CERF for its 2013 activities. This represents an increase of nearly $9 million above the amount pledged during the previous High-level Pledging Conference.

  • New Chief of the CERF secretariat

On 1 May, Ms. Lisa Doughten replaced Mr. Steve O’Malley as Chief of the CERF secretariat. Ms. Doughten comes to CERF from UNICEF, where she served as Senior Advisor in the Public Alliances and Resource Mobilization Office. She has previously worked with WFP, USAID and in the private sector on emergency preparedness and response, management consulting, business development
and fundraising.
Fore more information, download pdf version here.