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Country-Based Pooled Funds Grant Management System (GMS)


What is the GMS?

The Grant Management System (GMS) is OCHA’s one-stop online platform for managing Country-Based Pooled Funds (CBPFs). CBPFs enable humanitarian partners operating in countries impacted by disasters or armed conflicts to deliver timely and effective life-saving assistance to people who need it most.

Launched in 2016, the GMS supports all steps of the CBPFs' Grant Management Life Cycle.

Grant Management life cycle graphic

Accessible at:

Which services does the GMS provide?

Before the introduction of the GMS, the Grant Management process was cumbersome and subject to human errors, considering that CBPF projects were managed offline.

The GMS solved these issues by providing:

Modernization of tracking and monitoring of grants and projects, embedment of a fraud-dedicated module and visibility on the whole allocation process.

A harmonized system common to all CBPFs, while allowing flexibility relevant to adapt it to each of the specific contexts.

Visible task lists, easy access and participatory decision-making processes through scorecards and assessments.

CBPF data and trends analyses made available by interactive visualizations, included in the GMS affiliated information management platform: the CBPF Data Hub.

Grant Management System interface

Ever-Evolving system

GMS is an essential tool to fulfill OCHA's mandate to make humanitarian financing reliable, effective, timely and needs-prioritized.

These considerations drive the constant GMS updates, based on users' feedback, new requirements and technical developments.

GMS-Affiliated: The CBPF Data Hub

The GMS CBPF Data Hub, which delivers real-time data with interactive visualizations, serves as an entry point for CBPF data and information to donors, partners and all Pooled Funds stakeholders.

The following link provides access to the CBPF Data Hub:


User support

The GMS Support Team provides its current more than 10,000 registered active users with continuous support through:

  • Remote and hands-on trainings
  • Annual workshops across all CBPFs
  • Open forums for discussion
  • A support desk to answer all technical queries

Contact us at: