Humanitarian Civil-Military Coordination

The Third Session of the Regional Consultative Group (RCG)on Humanitarian Civil-Military Coordination for Asia and the Pacific
takes place on 5-6 December in Singapore.


CMCoord in Asia-Pacific
Following a natural disaster, national militaries in the Asia-Pacific region are often the first responders, and play a key role in ensuring aid reaches disaster affected people as quickly as possible.

Civil-military coordination plays a key role during preparedness and response. Operational planning ensures a cohesive civil-military effort in disaster relief operations with all actors understanding their role; builds trust and understanding between different actors; and maximizes the use of available resources for large-scale emergencies in the Asia-Pacific region.

The RCG brings together humanitarian, civilian and military actors involved in disaster response preparedness planning and disaster response in the Asia and the Pacific region.


RCG priorities
The RCG aims to improve response preparedness with a focus on:

a) identifying what unique assets and capabilities could be mobilized by militaries and police to ensure the rapid delivery of assistance in the immediate aftermath of a disaster;

b) facilitating coordinated operational planning between civilian and military actors, and reaching agreements on how best to address gaps in response;

c) contributing to the development of a humanitarian coordination architecture that is flexible, context specific and inclusive of the role of militaries/police.


RCG 2017
The Regional Consultative Group (RCG) on Humanitarian Civil-Military Coordination for Asia and the Pacific is a multi-stakeholder platform led by Member States. The Government of the Philippines acted as RCG Chair in 2016, handing over the function to the Government of Singapore in 2017. The RCG holds an annual meeting, with dialogue and interaction on civil-military coordination among members continuing throughout the year.

For 2018, the RCG Chair will be assumed by the Government of Bangladesh.

For further information, please email the RCG Secretariat at