Armed conflict and general insecurity in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) have created one of the world’s most complex and long-standing humanitarian crisis.

OCHA established an office in DRC in 2001, and it is now OCHA’s largest operation in the world. 151 staff stationed in 16 locations work against a backdrop of widespread poverty, chronic instability and abuses against civilians by foreign and Congolese armed groups.

Access remains a key challenge in the country. Humanitarian actors have been increasingly targeted since 2008, often brutally, by parties to the conflict, including the official security forces. In addition, donor funding has decreased since 2007 despite growing needs. This funding crisis exacerbates the decline in a range of key indicators, particularly food security, child health and protection, and access to clean water.

OCHA supports the Humanitarian Coordinator (HC) and the humanitarian community in helping the Government to manage DRC’s multiple emergencies. OCHA support has been crucial in the last decade: it has helped ensure that targeted humanitarian protection-and-assistance strategies are developed and implemented; that the appropriate coordination, information and pooled-funding mechanisms are effectively managed; and that humanitarian action is dovetailed with stabilization, development and peacebuilding efforts.