Governance, Policy and Guidance

The IHF is a pooled funding mechanism under the overall authority of the Humanitarian Coordinator (HC), supported by an Advisory Board, OCHA, and the Cluster Leads.

The HC determines the Fund’s strategic focus, sets the allocations amounts, approves projects and initializes disbursements. The HC chairs the IHPF Advisory Board that is comprised of senior-level representatives of donors,, UN agencies, NGOs and observing organizations. The core function of the IHF Advisory Board is to support the HC on the strategic focus, ensuring that the allocations are in line with the Humanitarian Response Plan (HRP) and that the main objectives of the Fund are met.

Cluster Leads support the IHF processes at two levels: (i) at a strategic level, to ensure that there are linkages between the proposed projects, the HRP and cluster strategies; and (ii) at an operational level, to provide technical expertise to the process of project prioritization and evaluation, and to promote sector coordination amongst humanitarian agencies.

Under the overall supervision of the OCHA Head of Office, Humanitarian Financing Unit (HFU) ensures adequate and efficient management the Fund, including the coordination of allocation processes and oversight of the entire funding cycle from the opening of an allocation to the closure of projects, whilst providing technical support and policy advice to the HC. The HFU maintains accountability requirements, including risk management and operational modalities, as well as coordination with other units of the OCHA Country Office and sub-offices. Further, the HFU ensures donor contributions are channeled to partners in compliance with the minimum requirements outlined in the IHPF Operational Manual and OCHA’s Global Guidelines for CBPFs. 



IHPF Operational Manual (July 2015)

CBPF Global Guidelines (updated October 2017)

IHPF Advisory Board TORs (updated 19 April 2017)