Humanitarian Response Plan

The Humanitarian Response Plan (HRP) plan is prepared for a protracted or sudden onset emergency that requires international humanitarian assistance. The plan articulates the shared vision of how to respond to the assessed and expressed needs of the affected population. The development of a strategic response plan is a key step in the humanitarian programme cycle and is carried out only when the needs have been understood and analysed through the Humanitarian Needs Overview (HNO) or other joint needs assessment and analysis processes.

The 2016 Humanitarian Response Plan (HRP) for Somalia is a reprioritized plan seeking about US$885 million to reach 3.5 million people. The plan includes a strong focus on reducing morbidity and takes into account our ability to deliver lifesaving assistance while at the same time securing linkages between humanitarian action and durable solutions. The 2016 HRP is guided by three strategic priorities that ensure humanitarian assistance reduces human suffering caused by conflict and natural disasters : (i) Address humanitarian needs by providing lifesaving and life-sustaining assistance to people in need, prioritizing the most vulnerable; (ii) Restore and strengthen livelihoods and basic service delivery to build resilience to recurrent shocks; and, (iii) Strengthen the protection of the displaced and other vulnerable groups, and catalyze durable solutions.


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