Regional Office for the Syria Crisis

The Regional Office for the Syria Crisis supports the Regional Humanitarian Coordinator (RHC) with the Whole-of-Syria (WoS) approach for more effective and accountable humanitarian action inside Syria. It also supports the RHC in the execution of his responsibilities covering the wider regional crisis (‘Whole-of-Crisis’). Through clearly defined services, the Regional Office provides added-value technical support, improved coordination and strategic direction for the WoS approach so as to enhance the effectiveness and accountability of the response. In addition, the Office works to improve coherence in the regional response, including in neighbouring countries, particularly in the area of strategic planning and resource mobilization. In executing its functions, the Office builds and sustains relations with counterparts among the UN, INGO and Member State community, as well as the private sector and development actors, in an effort to deepen and strengthen partnerships to address the Syria crisis.