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The DRC HF provides funding to international and national non-governmental organizations (INGOs, NGOs), to UN agencies, and to the national and international Red Cross and the Red Crescent movement.  
To be eligible, NGOs need to undertake the DRC HF capacity assessment. The capacity assessments are aimed at determining whether an NGO has sufficient institutional managerial, financial and technical capacity; including the expertise to receive, properly manage, and implement projects financed by the DRC HF.

Partners cannot apply for capacity assessments but are invited to enter the process based on recommendations done by the sector clusters yearly. NGOs then need to score at least 70% to the micro-evaluation and fill all the legal requirements. Once an NGO has passed the micro-evaluation, it is eligible to receive funds for a period of 5 years. However, past performances are reviewed every year. Full details are available in the DRC Operational Manual.