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Governance, Policy and Guidance

The Humanitarian Coordinator (HC) is responsible for the overall management of the DRC HF and is accountable for the use of funds. The DRC HF Advisory Board, chaired by the HC and comprising three UN agencies, three NGOs (two international and one national NGOs) and three donor representatives, advises on the use of funds and the governance of the DRC HF.

The Joint Humanitarian Financing Unit (JHFU) manages the DRC HF on a daily basis on behalf of the HC. Its Programme and Operations entity (OCHA) has responsibility for oversight of allocations, reporting, monitoring and other accountability processes. The Finance and Contracts entity (UNDP) is responsible for grant management related to non-governmental partners (contracting, disbursement, reporting and quality assurance). The UNDP Multi-Partner Trust Fund (MPTF) Office serves as the Fund’s ‘Administrative Agent’ and receives, administers and manages contributions from donors, and disburses funds to UN agencies, funds and programmes.


The DRC HF is guided by the global Country-Based Pooled Fund Guidelines, which include the CBPF Policy Instruction and the Global Operational Handbook, as well as the UNDP Managing Agent Guidelines for CBPFs. These guidelines are reflected in the DRC Operational Manual, which has been adapted to the DRC context.


The Policy Instruction sets out the principles, objectives, governance and management arrangements for CBPFs, while the Operational Handbook provides technical guidance, tools and templates used in the management of CBPFs. The funds contracted to partners are further subject to the United Nations Financial Regulations and Rules (FRR).

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