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YEMEN: 2018 Humanitarian Response Plan (YHRP)

File Country Region Modified Operation
Regional Humanitarian Funding Update - June 2020 - AR PDF icon OCHA-ROMENA-FundingUpdate_June_2020_AR.pdf 09 Jul 2020
Regional Humanitarian Funding Update - June 2020 - EN PDF icon OCHA-ROMENA-FundingUpdate_June_2020_EN.pdf 09 Jul 2020
SHF 2020 First Standard Allocation Strategy Paper PDF icon SHF_2020_First_Standard_Allocation_Strategy_Paper.pdf 06 Jul 2020
SHF Positioning Paper - Jan 2020 PDF icon SHF_Positioning_Paper_Jan_2020.pdf 30 Jun 2020
List of IHF-eligible partners (as of 17 May 2020) PDF icon List of IHF-eligible partners as of 200517_EXTERNAL.pdf 24 Jun 2020
UHF Allocation Paper: 2020 Access Allocation in NGCA PDF icon UKR_NGCA Access Allocation Paper. with annexes.pdf 16 Jun 2020
2020 YHF in Brief PDF icon 2020_YHF in brief_Final.pdf 11 Jun 2020
2020_Yemen Humanitarian Fund Brief_Arabic PDF icon YHF in brief 2020_AR.pdf 02 Jun 2020
2020_Yemen Humanitarian Fund Brief_EN PDF icon YHF in brief_Final -2020.pdf 02 Jun 2020
YHF_Monitoring_Report_July-Dec2019 PDF icon YHF_Monitoring Report_July-Dec2019.pdf 01 Jun 2020
YHF Annual Report 2019 PDF icon YHF_Annual_Report 2019_V8.pdf 19 May 2020
IHF 2020 1st Standard Allocation Strategy PDF icon IHF 2020 SA1 Allocation Strategy_FINAL.pdf 17 May 2020
IHF Flexibility Guidance in the Context of COVID-19 Pandemic PDF icon IHF COVID-19 Flexibility Guidance_April 2020.pdf 14 May 2020
Ukriane: UHF COVID-19 Allocation for Non-Government Controlled Areas of Eastern Ukraine PDF icon 2020 UHF SA1 Covid-19_NGCA_allocation_Extension of deadline to May 17.pdf 14 May 2020
OCHA Kobe revised brochure PDF icon Kobe brochure revised.pdf 13 May 2020