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When COVID-19 response goes local

08 Oct 2020


Manal is a 13-year-old displaced Syrian girl. When schools closed because of COVID-19, Manal was able to continue her studies in the Dana District Camp when local NGO Saed Charity Association stepped in to provide online classes, using funding from OCHA’s Syria Cross-Border Humanitarian Fund. Credit: Saed Charity Association, Idleb.

When Pakistan declared a state of emergency and lockdown in March due to COVID-19, local authorities in South Waziristan District closed all their outpatient departments, leaving hundreds of people without access to essential medical care.

Education Health Social Awareness Rehabilitation Foundation, a non-governmental organization (NGO), was quick to fill the gap in services by supporting the outpatient departments in three health facilities.

It could do this thanks to arrangements by the UN’s Pakistan Humanitarian Pooled Fund (PHPF) to support a flexible response. With PHPF funding, the NGO carries out free medical consultations and provides much-needed medication to hundreds of patients every day.

At a time when international humanitarian support is stretched more thinly than ever in poor countries, local organizations and actors are playing a stellar role in responding to people in need.

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