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Daily Noon Briefing Highlights: Yemen

23 Nov 2021


People receive assistance through a World Food Programme distribution in Al Khawkhah District, Al-Hudaydah Governorate, Yemen, March 2021. © Abdullah Al-Halaby/YPN for OCHA

Daily Noon Briefing Highlights – 23 November 2021


OCHA reports that the UN and partners are responding to increased displacement and humanitarian needs in Hudaydah. This follows a shift in front lines over the past 10 days.  

Aid agencies are helping families displaced from Hudaydah to southern districts (Al Khukhah and Al Makha). They have provided rapid response kits, including emergency food rations, basic hygiene kits and women's dignity kits, as well as emergency shelter kits to almost 700 families [roughly 4,800 people].

Needs assessments, registration of internally displaced people and the repositioning of supplies are ongoing.

The UN and partners are working to ensure that the humanitarian response in areas now under the control of the Houthi de facto authorities continues without interruption. 

As of yesterday [22 November], the UN and partners had provided supplies for almost 26,000 families, including hygiene kits, clean water and nutrition services.

The UN continues to call on parties to stop the fighting and agree to a nationwide ceasefire. 

The UN also continues to urge the international community to support the humanitarian response in Yemen.

Donors have been extremely generous this year and have given US$2.21 billion for the Yemen Humanitarian Response Plan as of today. This leaves a gap of $1.64 billion.

Critical programmes are at risk of closure if additional resources are not forthcoming.