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Governance, Policy and Guidance

All PHF activities are carried out under the overall stewardship of the HC. The HC is supported by an Advisory Board, and the OCHA-led HFU fulfils the PHF’s secretariat functions. The PHF Advisory Board is chaired by the HC and welcomes the senior-level participation of donors, UN organizations (in their capacity as cluster lead agencies) and NGO representatives. Cluster coordinators play a key role in prioritization as well as project review at a strategic and technical level.

The Humanitarian Coordinator (HC)

The overall management of the Fund on behalf of the UN Under-Secretary General for Humanitarian Affairs and Emergency Relief Coordinator (ERC) will rest with the HC, supported by an OCHA-led HFU and advised by the PHPF Advisory Board.

The PHPF Advisory Board (AB)

Advisory Board (AB) will represent the views of the donors, the UN and the NGO community (as representative members of the HCT) and provide guidance and advice to the HC on strategic and policy issues. The AB will also provide a forum for representatives and the HC to discuss allocation strategies, funding gaps and donor mobilization and share information on general issues which could affect the PHPF’s correct functioning. Representation is at the senior-most country representative level. Equal gender representation should be maintained at all times.

The Advisory Board is guided and works within the terms and guidelines of the PHPF Operational Manual. The Operational Manual is reviewed in the first meeting of the AB as prepared by OCHA under the leadership of the HC.

OCHA Head of Office (HoO)

The HoO is responsible for the effective management of the Fund in accordance to the CBPF Policy Instruction and Handbook.

OCHA Headquarters

Relevant units at OCHA headquarters have the following functions:

  1. Carry out and support active resource mobilization;
  2. Receive, administer and manage contributions from donors;
  3. Disburse funds to partners in accordance with the decisions of the HC;
  4. Provide PHPF with funding updates of donor commitments and disbursements transferred to partners, as well as other financial information related to the PHPF;
  5. Provide policy and guidance to ensure the Fund is in line with OCHA’s global guidelines.

OCHA Humanitarian Financing Unit (HFU)

The HFU plays a key role in assisting the HC regarding the allocation processes, each CBPF (PHPF) is supported by a Humanitarian Financing Unit (HFU), the staffing and operational costs of HFUs are directly costed to the Fund. HC and a group of donors need to approve the HFU’s Direct Costing (Annual management budget) even in absence of an Advisory Board.

The HFU supports the OCHA Country Office in providing funding analysis on various aspects of the humanitarian operation. This includes support to the HRP process and processing of CERF grants. The three main functions of the HFU are summarized as follows:

  1. Management of PHPF operations and policy advice to the HC and OCHA HoO.
  2. CBPF Project Cycle Management.
  3. Implementation of the PHPF Accountability Framework including a monitoring system.


Country Operation Manual:

The PHF Operational Manual describes the fund’s scope, governance arrangements, objectives, allocation modalities and accountability mechanisms, including roles and responsibilities of the stakeholders involved. The manual also provides guidance to implementing partners and facilitates the role of OCHA, members of the review committees, and cluster/sectoral experts.