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Governance, Policy and Guidance

The HC is responsible for the oversight and management of the EHF, with strategic and operational support from the OCHA Country Office. The HC is advised by the Advisory Board and an OCHA-led HFU that fulfils the fund’s secretariat functions. The HC chairs the Advisory Board, which includes the senior-level participation of donors, UN organizations (in their capacity as cluster lead agencies) and NGO representatives. Cluster coordinators play a key role in prioritization and project review at the strategic and technical levels in consultation with Government counterparts.

The HC makes the final funding decision on proposed projects and signs grant agreements with implementing partners.

The Fund manager is responsible for the daily management of all programmatic and financial aspects of the EHF on behalf of the HC and under the overall supervision of the OCHA Head of Office, in coordination with the OCHA Funding Coordination Section.


CBPFs flexibility guidance in the context of COVID-19
EHF Operational Manual
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