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Achieving collective outcomes

Collective outcomes in relation to protracted internal displacement can be achieved if we take the following steps: 

1. Evidence-based decisions

This means:

  • Identifying the impacts of protracted internal displacement with respect to humanitarian, development, human rights, peace and security, and DRR action, and identifying the underlying causes for displacement becoming protracted.
  • Assessing the capacities of IDPs and host communities to address and solve protracted displacement.

2. Definition of collective outcomes

Agreeing on strategic, clear, quantifiable, measurable and achievable results.

3. Common problem statement

Ensuring a strategic outlook by reaching a common understanding of the underlying causes of the protractedness of each specific internal displacement situation, and developing strategies to address protracted displacement as informed by this analysis.

4. Integrating collective outcomes in planning tools

National Development Plans, as well as subnational and local development plans or other relevant plans, are complemented by UN planning tools—such as UN Development Assistance Frameworks (UNDAFs) and Humanitarian Response Plans (HRPs)—to provide a sound basis for planning collective outcomes.

5. Promoting and creating normative and institutional frameworks

Ensuring that Governments have adequate laws, policies and institutional capacity in place is critical to address protracted internal displacement and prevent recent displacement from becoming protracted.

6. Implementing outcome-oriented programmes

It is critical to move from mandate-driven isolated projects to multi-year collaborative interventions that effectively address existing protracted displacement and prevent recent displacement from becoming protracted.

7. Securing transversal financing 

Adequate financial resources have to be allocated in ways that transcend the humanitarian-development divide to bolster rather than undermine collective outcomes.