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Nigeria: UN Humanitarian Coordinator condemns attack against civilians, humanitarian facility

15 juin 2020


Monguno, Borno State, 13 June 2020. At around 11.45 a.m., non-State armed group operatives aboard light trucks mounted with heavy artillery penetrated the town of Monguno from two different areas at the same time, resulting in clashes with the military that lasted for about two hours. Credit: UNDSS/OCHA

The UN Humanitarian Coordinator for Nigeria, Edward Kallon, has vehemently condemned Saturday’s violent attacks by non-State armed groups in Monguno and Nganzai Local Government Areas during which many civilians were killed, including a 4-year old girl.

At least 37 other civilians were injured, and a major humanitarian facility was damaged.

“I am relieved all staff are safe and secure, but I am shocked by the intensity of this attack. It is the latest of too many clashes affecting civilians, humanitarian actors and the assistance we provide,” stressed the Humanitarian Coordinator.

“Civilians and aid workers, their facilities and assets should never be a target and must be protected and respected at all times. I continue to call on all parties to respect and protect civilians and humanitarian personnel in accordance with international humanitarian law,” he added.