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Governance, Policy and Guidance

The Humanitarian Coordinator (HC) is supported by an Advisory Board which advises the HC on strategic and policy decisions including the allocation processes and risk management of the Fund as well as by the Syria Inter Sector Coordination members (ISC). The Advisory Board is comprised of representatives from donors, UN agencies, international NGOs and Syrian Arab Red Crescent (SARC).

The day-to-day management of the SHF is managed by OCHA under the supervision of the OCHA-Syria Head of Office.

The SHF delivers on its key objectives and is managed in accordance with the Syria Operational Manual developed from the global guidelines.

Standard Operating Procedures on: Response to Concerns of Sexual Exploitation and Abuse involving Implementing Partners of Country-based Pooled Funds
CBPF Standard Operating Procedures on Response to Concerns of Fraud or Misuse of Funds by Partners
Flexibility Guidance Country-Based Pooled Funds in the context of COVID-19 pandemic
SHF Risk Management Framwork