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Launch of the Global Humanitarian Overview 2020


The Global Humanitarian Overview (GHO) 2020 will be launched on 4 December 2019. The GHO is the most comprehensive, authoritative and evidence-based assessment of world humanitarian needs.

Full report and abridged versions forthcoming


The global event will be held in Geneva with simultaneous launches in Berlin, Brussels, London and Washington, D.C. These events are part of a global strategy to engage decision-makers and humanitarian actors in highlighting the key themes covered in the 2020 GHO, encourage generous contributions to humanitarian response, and amplify the voices of affected people.  

Global Launch


Theme: Driving a better response in a challenging world
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Registration for the event is now open. Please register here.

Click here to watch the event live on 4 December 2019.

Simultaneous Launches



Co-host: German Federal Foreign Office
Theme: Dimensions of internal displacement
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Co-host: European Commission (Directorate-General for the European Civil Protection and Humanitarian Aid Operations)
Theme: Meeting people's needs, enhancing accountability
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Co-host: UK Department for International Development
Theme: Use of data and technology to drive innovation in humanitarian response


Washington, D.C.

Co-host: The World Bank
Theme: Getting ahead of crises: Moving from reactive to proactive humanitarian action
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For more information on the events: