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Eligible Lebanon Humanitarian Fund (LHF) recipients include NGOs, UN agencies, the Red Cross/Crescent and organizations providing support to humanitarian activities in Lebanon. Eligibility is determined by the comparative advantage of each organization to deliver effective response.

Interested NGOs participate in a three-step eligibility assessment process to become LHF partners and apply for funding under the LHF allocations:

Step 1: GMS registration

Prospective partners must obtain access to the Grant Management System (GMS) where they will later submit the full project proposal. To request access to the system, prospective partners should contact the HFU attaching the following:

  1. A copy of registration certificate indicating the organization’s full name
  2. A bank letter including account name and banking information

Step 2: Due Diligence (DD)

Once granted access to the GMS, prospective partners should submit a full project proposal via the online system. A thorough review of DD applications and documents is then performed to ensure that partners meet the minimum requirements.

Step 3: Internal Capacity Assessment (ICA)

The capacity assessment aims to evaluate the NGO’s capacity in terms of institutional, managerial, financial and technical expertise. It allows the Humanitarian Financing Unit (HFU) to determine the risk level of the NGO (high, medium or low) and to decide on the required control mechanisms which will be applied if the project has been awarded.