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OCHA Multimedia

24 Dec 2013

Humanitarian Coordinator Toby Lanzer on deteriorating situation in South Sudan

13 Dec 2013

CERF: Funding for the Syria crisis

28 Nov 2013

Head of OCHA Somalia talks to Al Jazeera

18 Nov 2013

UN SG and David Guetta urge support to CERF in response to Typhoon Haiyan and other crises

28 Oct 2013

CERF: Invitation to the High Level Conference

25 Oct 2013

UN Humanitarian Chief on Syria

24 Oct 2013

Sudan: Humanitarian coordinator on the situation in Darfur

10 Oct 2013

Une nouvelle approche pour le Sahel

30 Sep 2013

UN General Assembly: Yemen Humanitarian Coordinator Speaks

27 Sep 2013

UN General Assembly: African Humanitarian Champions

26 Sep 2013

UN General Assembly: A new approach needed for the Sahel

25 Sep 2013

UN General Assembly: ERC Amos on the Central African Republic

23 Sep 2013

UN General Assembly: ERC Amos on Syria

13 Sep 2013

Yemen: UN leaders call for international support

23 Aug 2013

WHD 2013: Haiti aid worker diaries

20 Aug 2013

World Humanitarian Day: Humanitarian dedication in Somalia

18 Aug 2013

World Humanitarian Day: The World Needs More...

14 Aug 2013

Sudan: Tens of thousands of people affected by floods

12 Aug 2013

UN Secretary-General's message for World Humanitarian Day 2013

31 Jul 2013

Somalia: Aid agencies respond to needs amid insecurity in Kismayo

16 May 2013

Interview with the Humanitarian Coordinator for Somalia

08 May 2013

Human Security - A New Response to Complex Threats

16 Apr 2013

OCHA's Director of Operations John Ging in Aleppo (WFP)

15 Apr 2013

UN Principals appeal to save Syria