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NHF project monitoring visit in Mafa, Borno State.

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Latest NHF News

15 June 2020 – Nigeria Humanitarian Fund announces record $22.4 million funding for life-saving activities and COVID-19 response

Today the Nigeria Humanitarian Fund (NHF) announced a US$22.4 million funding allocation for 2020 that will help address the increased vulnerability of people affected by both the COVID-19 pandemic and the existing humanitarian crisis in Borno, Adamawa and Yobe states. This allocation is the fund’s largest since the NHF’s launch in February 2017 and comes at a critical time as north-east Nigeria enters its 11th year of a protracted crisis while grappling with the COVID-19 pandemic. Read More

3 September 2019 – Addressing unmet health needs of conflict-affected IDPs in north-east Nigeria

Bukar Mustapha, 60, has been displaced from his ancestral home in Kukawa since 2015. He has been living with infection of the appendix for the past four years in Teachers’ village IDP camp in Borno state.

“I had always catered for myself and family despite my health challenges until I became internally displaced,” laments Bukar. “As an IDP for more than four years, to wish for anything beyond daily bread is like asking for the impossible. It still sounds like a dream that I was picked up in an ambulance, brought to this Specialist Hospital and had an appendicectomy at no cost to me.” Read more

18 June 2019 – Nigeria’s bankers unite in support of Nigeria’s most vulnerable in a visit to IDP camps in Maiduguri

Some of Nigeria’s leading bank executives came together to show solidary with their fellow Nigerians affected by the ongoing crisis in Borno State. In a collective visit to two camps for internally displaced people in Maiduguri, the Borno State capital, companies and banks that are part of the Nigeria Humanitarian Fund – Private Sector Initiative reiterated their commitment to the humanitarian response and taking ownership of it. Read more

14 May 2019 – Nigeria’s Top Business Leaders join UN to visit Borno State in Support of Conflict-Affected People in the North-East

Some of Nigeria’s most influential and powerful business leaders travelled to Maiduguri on Tuesday in a first-ever collective visit to camps for internally displaced people where aid agencies have been responding to the most urgent needs of women, men, and children freshly displaced by the ongoing conflict. Read more

05 April 2019 – Nigeria Humanitarian Fund Addendum to 2019 First Reserve Allocation to Address Additional Critical Needs Identified in the 90-Day Emergency Response Plan

Additional $4 million is will be allocated to the 2019 First Reserve allocation to address the most critical priority needs identified in the initial allocation strategy paper, in line with needs stipulated in the 90-Day Emergency Response Plan. This addendum modifies priority sectors for funding, sectors funding envelops, expands the response to additional priority LGAs and increases the total current allocation to US$10,000,000.

03 March 2019 – Nigeria Humanitarian Fund 2019 First Reserve Allocation is launched to Address Most Critical Needs Identified in the 90-Day Emergency Response Plan

The $6 million allocation will aim to address critical needs identified in the 90-Day Emergency Response Plan, particularly by four sectors (CCCM/Shelter and NFI, WASH, Health, and Protection) that are experiencing low funding levels. Maiduguri/Jere and Monguno LGAs are prioritized for this allocation based on the population size of new arrivals combined with the severity of needs and the vulnerability of the new arrivals, access, and exposure to insecurity and partners’ current capacity to respond.

First Reserve Allocation 2019, Allocation Strategy Paper

28 September 2018 - Nigeria Humanitarian Fund First Standard Allocation is launched for the people of North-east Nigeria

A total of US$ 17,700,000 is provided for this allocation. The allocation strategy is closely aligned to 2018 HRP strategic objectives and therefore responds to life-saving humanitarian needs in Northeast Nigeria. The allocation will support priority gaps through multi-sectoral approaches with a focus on new arrivals in locations not already covered under NHF Reserve Allocation 4, and services in over-congested camp settings.

4 July 2018 - Nigeria Humanitarian Fund Fourth Reserve Allocation is launched for the people of north-east Nigeria

The $6 million launch for the Nigeria Humanitarian Fund fourth reserve allocation is to address needs of people at high risk of displacement due to extended military operations and whose vulnerabilities are exacerbated during the rainy season.

9 June 2018 - In just one year of operation, the NHF hits the $50 million mark for the people of north-east Nigeria

Thanks to the generous support of 17 donors, the Nigeria Humanitarian Fund, the world's youngest country-based pooled fund, was able to raise over $50 million to fund humanitarian operations in Nigeria. Learn more

5 June 2018 - NHF Third 2018 Reserve Allocation is launched for $4 million to tackle the humanitarian crisis in the Middle Belt region

The $4 million allocation will help fund the response to the needs mainly related to the conflict between farmers and herdsmen in Guma, Logo and Makurdi LGAs in Benue State and Awe LGA in Nasarawa State. Internally displaced people have been forced to take refuge in camps and host communities, with majority of them in Benue State, and a comparably smaller proportion in Nasarawa State. In Benue, there are seven camps hosting about 112,500 IDPs, as well as one informal camp located in Agan Primary School in Makurdi LGA. Between 25,000 – 70,000 people are displaced from Nasarawa State, most of them from Awe LGA, and have taken refuge in 20 camps/host communities across four LGAs with seven camps in Awe, four in Keana, eight in Obi and one in Doma.

4 May 2018 - NHF Second 2018 Reserve Allocation is launched for $2 million to tackle cholera outbreak in Yobe State

The $2 million allocation will help fund the response to the cholera outbreak declared on 28 March in Yobe State. The funds will support critical life-saving activities such as early case detection, medical care for the affected persons, the provision of clean water, community sensitisation and hygiene promotion, the construction and maintenance of sanitation facilities, and other preventive measures. 

3 May 2018 - NHF 2017 Annual Report is launched

With $24 million disbursed to 22 humanitarian partners for 37 projects, the NHF supported urgent and life-saving humanitarian assistance through two standard allocations. The NHF funds enabled humanitarian partners to establish presence in areas where people had been heavily affected by the conflict and to scale up the provision of humanitarian assistance. Read the report.

18 Apr 2018 - Monitoring and Evaluation mission for ROHI education project in Dikwa

The Nigeria Humanitarian Fund does regular monitoring visits to ensure that NHF-funded projects are on track. On 18 April, the team carried out a mission to Dikwa, in Borno, to witness the progress by the national NGO Restoration of Hope Initiative, to build classrooms with gender-segregated sanitation facilities, distribute learning supplies, and train teachers on psycho-social support. The project, with received $115,300 from the NHF, is to benefit at least 4,000 IDP children and on track to be completed by end of August 2018. 

15 Mar 2018 - NHF First 2018 Reserve Allocation is launched for $9 million

The $9 million allocation will help fund 15 projects to provide life-saving aid to some 60,000 children, women and men recently displaced by ongoing hostilities in Borno State, including $2 million in support of the UN Humanitarian Air Service for frontline responders in north-east Nigeria. Read more

11 Jan 2018 - Nigerian civil society network visits NHF cyber-cafe and work space for national NGOs 

As part of the visit of UN Deputy Secretary-General Amina J. Mohammed to north-east Nigeria, a delegation of the civil society netweok NECSOB visited the recently opened internet cafe and work space made available to national NGOs so they can have the connectivity to apply for NHF funding. 

12 Dec 2017 - UN Humanitarian Coordinator inaugurates NHF cyber-cafe and meeting room for national NGOs at NHF office in Maiduguri

To facilitate access to national NGOs to the NHF Grant Management System and enable them to apply for allocations more easily, the NHF office has availed them space with reliable internet connectivity and equipment. On 12 December, the UN Resident and Humanitarian Coordinator, Edward Kallon, held a meeting with the INGO Forum and various national NGOs and inaugurated the space with them. 

11 Dec 2017 - NHF Second 2017 Standard Allocation is launched for $13.4 million

The Nigeria Humanitarian Fund (NHF) allocation will help address this devastating situation by financing 24 projects in the sectors of protection, nutrition, water and sanitation, health, education, shelter and non-food items, rapid response and early recovery, targeting a total of 950,000 people. Read more

30 Nov 2017 - Monitoring and Evaluation mission for ACTED shelter/NFI project in Mafa

The Nigeria Humanitarian Fund does regular monitoring visits to ensure that NHF-funded projects are on track. On 30 November, the team did a mission to Mafa, in Borno, to witness the great progress by ACTED on 500 emergency shelters, which are to be built there by the end of the year so schools can go back to being schools -- not shelters for IDPs. 

31 July 2017 - NHF First 2017 Standard Allocation is launched for $10.5 million

The NHF allocated $10.5 million to reach the most vulnerable in north-east Nigeria: the $10.5 million will fund about 15 different projects which were selected by the various sectors of the humanitarian response and approved by the NHF Advisory Board. The projects target and address the needs of the most vulnerable people in locations where access is sporadic and where flooding, disease outbreaks and new displacements continue to take place such as Monguno, Mafa, Pulka and Rann (in Borno State), and Michika (in Adamawa State). The funds will also support efforts to enhance the protection of civilians in vulnerable communities and those trapped in conflict areas. Read more

23 May 2017- New UN fund to tackle looming famine in Nigeria reaches $24 million

The new United Nations fund set up this year to tackle the looming famine in Nigeria and a deepening humanitarian crisis has reached US$24 million. Read more