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OCHA Multimedia

09 Jul 2021

Syria – Cross-border aid authorization extended

28 Jun 2021

How is the climate emergency affecting the Middle East and North Africa?

04 Mar 2020

Voices from Idleb - Dr. Zakarya

27 Sep 2019

Surviving in war-torn Yemen: Omar's story

13 Aug 2019

Iraq Humanitarian Fund: Reaching those most in need

27 Jun 2019

Idlib, Syria: ‘The World Is Watching’

18 Jun 2019

Idlib, Syria: “We are faced with a humanitarian disaster unfolding before our eyes” – UN humanitarian chief

29 May 2019

Iraq: UN Mission and Country Team work with Iraqis to help them rebuild their country (360 video)

04 Apr 2019

Mine Action Centre: Clearing Yemen of explosive remnants of war

15 Feb 2019

Syria: Largest ever humanitarian convoy brings life-saving aid people in Rukban

25 Jan 2019

Libya: 5 facts you need to know

14 Jan 2019

Reducing Cholera in Aden, Yemen

07 Nov 2018

Syria: Humanitarian convoy to Rukban

10 Oct 2018

Lebanon Humanitarian Fund brings much needed help to the elderly

24 Sep 2018

Yemen: How UN and partners are working to bring relief to millions in need

28 Aug 2018

WFP operations in Aden, Yemen - 360-degree video

21 Jun 2018

Coming together for Yemen: The impact of humanitarian aid

11 Jun 2018

Jordan Humanitarian Fund: Delivering hope for Syrian families

20 Apr 2018

Syria: Internally displaced people from East Ghouta

02 Feb 2018

Syria: The power of unity

22 Sep 2017

Famine Prevention and Response: how to avert a humanitarian catastrophe

11 May 2017

2017 famine crisis: how has the United Nations responded?

20 Apr 2017

OCHA Operations Director on Syria

08 Feb 2017

The Humanitarian Crisis in Yemen- 2 years in 2 minutes