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OCHA Multimedia

16 Sep 2016

Emergency seed distribution in Tigray Region, Ethiopia [GOAL, OCHA]

31 May 2016

Ethiopia: Transcending the Humanitarian/Development Divide

28 Mar 2016

Weathering the drought in Ethiopia [PRESS TV clip]

24 Feb 2016

Ethiopia's Drought Early Action in Motion

29 Jan 2016

CERF releases $100 million to address critical needs in 9 silent and neglected crises

02 Dec 2014

Ethiopia: A long journey to safety for South Sudan's refugees

18 Aug 2013

World Humanitarian Day: The World Needs More...

17 Aug 2012

Behind the Scenes: 2012 World Humanitarian Day Campaign

16 Aug 2012

USG/ERC Valerie Amos & Beyoncé on the 2012 World Humanitarian Day Campaign

13 Aug 2011

Horn of Africa Crisis

29 Jul 2011

HC Mark Bowden speaks on the Horn of Africa Crisis