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OCHA Tools and Services

Online services

Mobile applications (Android and iOS)

  • Humanitarian Kiosk (decommissioned): The H.Kiosk mobile application provided a range of up-to-the-minute humanitarian related information from emergencies around the world.
  • INSARAG Guidelines: This internationally-accepted document provides a methodology to guide countries affected by a sudden-onset disaster causing large-scale structural collapse, as well as international USAR teams responding in the affected country. The guidelines also outline the role of the UN in assisting affected countries in on-site coordination. The methodology, as defined in the INSARAG Guidelines, provides a process for preparedness, cooperation and coordination of the national and international participants. In Apple Store and Google Play
  • KoBo Collect: KoBo Collect is used for primary data collection in humanitarian emergencies and other challenging field environments. With this app you enter data from interviews or other primary data -- online or offline. In Google Play
  • UNDAC Manual: The UN Disaster Assessment and Coordination application provides the user with the Field Handbook and useful documents for expert deployments into response and preparedness missions in natural disasters. In Apple Store and Google Play