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CBPF Guidelines

Faduma Hussein Abdi, 48, took her son Ahmed to a nutrition centre managed by the local NGO Women and Child Care Organization (WOCCA). The centre is supported by the Somalia Humanitarian Fund. Credit: OCHA

The normative guidance for Country-based Pooled Funds (CBPFs) is included in a set of global guidelines for CBPFs, which include a Policy Instruction and an Operational Handbook. The Policy Instruction sets out the principles, objectives, governance and management arrangements for CBPFs and the Operational Handbook provides technical guidance, tools and templates used in the day-to-day management of CBPFs.

The global guidelines harmonized the functioning of previous pooled funding mechanisms in place into the current CBPF framework, and provided clearer guidance on corporate-level governance of CBPFs.

In October 2017, OCHA released a revised Operational Handbook and annexes to replace the original version that was launched in February 2015.

The revised Operational Handbook and annexes are the result of a ‘Quick Fix’ phase which incorporates updates and adjustments based on lessons learned and feedback collected from fund managers and other stakeholders during the first two years of implementation of the guidelines.

A second phase of the revision, planned to start in 2018, will introduce major changes to the current business process stemming from commitments made at the World Humanitarian Summit and in line with the Grand Bargain.

Factsheet [EN - FR]
Policy Instruction [EN - FR - AR]
Operational Handbook [EN - FR - AR]
Operational Handbook - Annexes [zip file]
CBPF Guidelines: Q&A [EN - FR - AR]