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Allocation process

The broad strategic focus and priorities for Somalia Humanitarian Fund (SHF) allocations are determined on an annual basis by the SHF Advisory Board.

The focus of individual allocation rounds is determined through a consultative strategic prioritization process of the Somalia inter-cluster coordination structure and endorsed by the Humanitarian Coordinator for Somalia and the SHF Advisory Board.

Specifically, the SHF has two allocation modalities:  

  1. Standard allocation: this is the main mechanism for SHF allocations and the process through which the majority of funding is channeled to priority activities within the Humanitarian Response Plan (HRP). Large and medium-size strategic allocation rounds are typically launched once or twice a year, depending on the availability of funds. The basis for project submissions is the Standard Allocation Strategy, developed by the Inter-Cluster Coordination Group (ICCG), in close consultation with regional counterparts (Regional ICCGs). Allocation strategy is then approved by the Humanitarian Coordinator (HC) and endorsed by the SHF Advisory Board.
  2. Reserve allocation: this modality is primarily intended for the rapid and flexible allocation of funds for unexpected emergencies, to address emerging humanitarian needs or rapidly deteriorating situations. These funds can be allocated through individual reserve allocation or broader allocation rounds and accommodate disbursement of resources is response to specific humanitarian situations requiring a coordinated response outside the standard rounds.


2021 Reserve Allocation
SHF Reserve Allocation to address water shortages and impact of floods


2021 Standard Allocations
SHF 2021 Allocation Strategy


2020 Standard Allocations
SHF 2020 Allocation Strategy


2019 Reserve Allocations
SHF Reserve allocation strategy for flood response [November 2019]
Drought Response [June 2019]


2019 First Standard Allocation
SHF 1st Standard Allocation 2019 - CERF Rapid Response: Integrated allocation strategy paper


2018 Reserve Allocations
SHF Funded: Lifesaving Response and Preparedness to Flood-Prone Areas in Hiran and Middle Shabelle [October 2018]
SHF Reserve: Response in northern Somalia (Bari, Nugaal, Sool, Sanaag) [July 2018]
SHF-funded response to Cyclone Sagar [June 2018]


2018 First Standard Allocations
SHF 2nd Standard Allocation round
SHF 2018 First Standard Allocation Strategy [Jan-Mar 2018]
Allocation Strategy


2017 Second Standard Allocations
SHF 2017 Second Standard Allocation strategy paper [7 November 2017]


2017 Reserve Allocations
SHF Integrated Response 2 Reserve Allocation Strategy [Jul/Sep 2017]
SHF Integrated Response Reserve Allocation Strategy [May/Jun 2017]
SHF Reserve: enabling programmes allocations [March-May 2017]   


2017 First Standard Allocations
SHF 2017 First Standard Allocation projects
SHF 2017 First Standard Allocation Strategy [Jan.-Mar. 2017]


2016 Reserve Allocations
$3.2 million reserve allocation strategy - drought response [Dec. 2016]
$7 million reserve allocation strategy - support for IDPs in Mogadishu [Aug. 2016]
$7.1 million reserve allocation strategy - support for IDPs in Kismayo and Baidoa [Jun. 2016]
Strategic Reserve Allocation 2016 ($6.5 million for drought response) [Mar. 2016]
2014 Reserve Allocations
CHF Reserve Allocation Strategy
Annexes to the CHF Reserve Allocation Strategy
Final Minutes of the CHF Advisory Board
Somalia CHF Update


2014 First Standard Allocations
List 1 of Approved Projects
First Standard Allocation Document 2014
CHF Guidance and Basic Definitions for the Budget Preparation
Timeline for 2014 CHF Standard Allocation