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General inquiries

Mr. Matija Kovač, SHF Manager
M: +252(0)612922133
M: +254(0)732391043
T: +254(0)207629154, Skype: kovac_matija , Twitter: @matijakovac

Ms. Afifa Ismail, Deputy SHF Manager
M: +254(0)708515570, Skype: afifaish

Programmatic issues

Food Security, Protection

Ms. Afifa Ismail
T: +254(0)207629113
M: +254(0)708515570, Skype: afifaish

Ms. Eva Kiti
T: +254(0)207629127
M: +254(0)705000720, Skype: eva.kiti

Education, Health and Nutrition

Ms. Patricia Agwaro
T: +254(0)207629144
M: +254(0)734210103 , Skype: chogowa

Ms. Evalyne Lwemba
T: +254(0)207629128
M: +254(0)733272017 , Skype: lwembae

CCCM, Shelter/NFIs and WASH

Ms. Umikalthum Shukri Noor
T: +254(0)207629159 , Skype: mulkys

Budget and finance

Note: For project-specific queries kindly keep programmatic officers above in copy

Mr. Martin Cheruiyot
T: +254(0)207629126
M: +254(0)715743860, Skype: martinketienya

Ms. Mary-Bernadette Obadha
T: +254(0)207629117
M: +254(0)737903427,, Skype: marybeeso

Ms. Linda Onyango
T: +254(0)207629145
M: +254(0)734800140, Skype: lindagaeli


Mr. Samuel Kihara
M: +252(0)612922132
M: +254(0)705262211

Mr. Khalif Abdihakim Noor
M: +252(0)619494889


Ms. Umikalthum Shukri Noor
T: +254(0)207629159 , Skype: mulkys

Ms. Ilona Asyrankulova
M: +254 (0)732 391 050 , Skype: ilona.swa


SHF feedback and complaint mechanism

Complaints regarding the SHF process or decisions can be brought to the attention of the SHF Manager.

At any point in time, stakeholders can bring their concerns to the attention of OCHA Somalia senior management though our confidential feedback email -

The following documents should guide confidential SHF reporting on fraud and incidents: