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In order to be eligible for SSHF funding, UN Agencies must sign the SSHF Memorandum of Understanding which sets out applicable roles and accountabilities.

For NGOs wishing to be eligible to receive funding, the SSHF Technical Secretariat will carry out a due diligence review and an assessment of organisational capacity.

  • The due diligence review considers compliance with legal requirements as well as declarations in relation to conflict of interest and other statutory requirements. The review also confirms organisational banking arrangements.
  • The assessment of organisational capacity is conducted the first time that an NGO is recommended for funding during an allocation process.

Capacities are assessed through a two-fold process:

  1. Institutional, managerial and financial capacities are assessed within the UN’s Harmonised Approach to Cash Transfers (HACT). This framework allows for the sharing of capacity assessments of NGO partners carried out by different UN organisations, and a common approach to the management and oversight of grants, including use of direct payment modalities where the risks associated with cash transfers may be considered unacceptable;
  2. A complementary assessment of programmatic expertise, in liaison with relevant clusters. For partners that have previously been assessed, a new assessment will be conducted during each UN programme cycle (typically once every four years), in line with general practice under the UN HACT.