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Aid operations resume in Haiti

08 Oct 2019


OCHA staff with a beneficiary in Anse dHainault in GrandAnse department in August 2019. Credit: OCHA/Christian Cricboom

Ongoing unrest in Haiti has created serious challenges for the delivery of humanitarian assistance to the most vulnerable. UN staff in the country report that a relatively calm weekend provided opportunities for several organizations to resume their operations.
The UN Children’s Agency, UNICEF began the delivery of diesel and oxygen to 29 hospitals affected by the crisis. The World Health Organization delivered medicine to hospitals in Port-au-Prince, the capital, and on Sunday, for the first time in three weeks, the World Food Programme was able to deliver food to 14 schools that are still functioning.

OCHA continues to encourage all actors to allow for the normal functioning of hospitals, emergency services and schools, as well as the work of humanitarians, who are trying to assist the most vulnerable.