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Cameroon: US$299 million needed in 2019 as one in five people struggle to survive

21 Feb 2019


Today, the Government of Cameroon, the UN and humanitarian partners released the 2019 Humanitarian Response Plan requesting US$299 million to assist 2.3 million people in need - a 1 million increase compared to last year, when the appeal was targeting 1.3 million people.

Humanitarian needs in Cameroon have risen by a third this year owing to an upsurge in insecurity and violence, leaving one in six people – mostly women and children – requiring assistance. This year, around 4.3 million people need urgent assistance. The 2019 humanitarian response plan focuses on providing immediate assistance to save lives, bolstering the protection of affected civilians, identifying risks and vulnerabilities to support the resilience of communities to shocks.

Displacement has risen by 82 per cent compared with 2018. Renewed armed attacks have driven tens of thousands more Nigerians into Cameroon’s Far-North region, which already hosts 138,000 refugees.

In North-West and South-West regions, worsening violence has uprooted 437,000 people and forced over 32,000 to seek refuge in neighbouring Nigeria. The East, Adamaoua and North regions in turn host 275,000 Central African refugees.

The crises arising from armed violence add to existing chronic vulnerabilities, including inadequate basic services, epidemics, food insecurity and malnutrition as well as the impact of climate change.

"The Cameroonian people continue to show enormous generosity in the face of humanitarian distress", said UN Humanitarian Coordinator Allegra Baiocchi. "Thousands of families in Makary, Amchidé or Limbé have opened their homes to those who have fled conflict, sharing already very limited resources. In difficult and sometimes hostile environments, humanitarian workers work tirelessly to provide assistance to those in need."

In 2018 the humanitarian response in Cameroon remained 56 per cent unfunded. "I appeal to everyone to redouble their efforts and support our response plan for the people of Cameroon. A peaceful Cameroon, where no one is left behind, is not only essential for the country’s development, but also vital for the stability of the sub-region", Ms Baiocchi said.