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COVID-19: Funding update for the global humanitarian response

05 Jun 2020


Sudanese refugees practice social distancing as they wait to wash their hands and collect a food distribution at Pamir camp in Jamjang, north-east South Sudan. Credit: UNHCR/Bith Bol Ayuel Dau

The UN Central Emergency Response Fund and Country-Based Pooled Funds have approved a combined total of US$234 million for the COVID-19 pandemic humanitarian responses.

The funds have supported in more than 42 countries so far.

As of 4 June, $1.18 billion – 18 per cent of what’s required – has been recorded for the Global Humanitarian Response Plan (GHRP), with another $978.2 million recorded towards other activities, bringing the total received for the COVID-19 humanitarian response to $2.14 billion. 

The next update of the GHRP is expected in mid-July.

Funding the plan will save lives, equip humanitarian agencies and non-governmental organizations with what they need to treat the sick, and help secure a logistical backbone to allow humanitarian supplies and workers to continue reaching those in need.

For the most current funding figures for the GHRP, please see: