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Daily Noon Briefing Highlights: Afghanistan, Ukraine

29 Jun 2022


UN staff members meet with Pari Gul, head of the women's committee in her village, which was severely affected by the recent earthquake in Gayan District, Paktika Province. © UNICEF/UN0661970/Bidel

Daily Noon Briefing Highlights –   29 June 2022


Our partners continue to provide humanitarian assistance following last week’s earthquake.

In the Gyan district of Paktika province, we and our partners provided nearly 900 families with food, tents, shelter, cash, water, and hygiene supplies.

In the Barmal district, also in Paktika province, the International Organization for Migration and the UN Refugee Agency jointly made emergency shelter and other items available to 300 families. In the neighboring Khost province, we and our partners provided cash and food to more than 200 families in the Spera district.

All mobile health clinics, which are run by our humanitarian partners, are operational in communities impacted by the earthquake. Our assessments found that the disaster affected nearly 2,000 families in Paktika and Khost provinces.


People in the country are facing an escalation of hostilities across the country. We are particularly worried about the situation in Government and non-Government-controlled areas of the Luhanska oblast, where our humanitarian colleagues are unable to deliver aid or support any possible evacuations of civilians due to active fighting.

Local authorities told us that nearly a dozen civilians were killed two days ago while lining up for water in Lysychansk. Access to water and healthcare in these areas remains worryingly limited.

After the shocking attack that hit the mall in Kremenchuk, intensified airstrikes in southern Mykolaivska and Odeska oblasts have also resulted in dozens of civilian casualties, including many children, according to aid workers on the ground.

Despite these enormous challenges, we have reached almost 9 million men, women and children with critical assistance since the start of the war. However, humanitarian needs outpace resources.

We again urge the parties to the conflict to protect civilians in Ukraine and to enable unimpeded and safe access for humanitarian workers to support people everywhere.