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Daily Noon Briefing Highlights: Central America

20 Aug 2021


Village of Quejá, Alta Verapaz, Guatemala, following Hurricane Eta, November 2020. © Luis Echeverria

Daily Noon Briefing Highlights – 20 August 2021

Central America

OCHA reports that the United Nations and the Governments of El Salvador and Guatemala yesterday launched Humanitarian Response Plans that aim to address the critical needs of more than 2.5 million of the most vulnerable people in the two countries.

The Plan for El Salvador responds to the needs of 912,000 people and is appealing for US$156 million. The focus will be on addressing critical needs in areas prone to the impact of disasters and violence, and restoring essential services and systems.

The Plan for Guatemala targets 1.7 million people and is appealing for $210 million. The response is focused on areas affected by hurricanes Eta and Iota, Dry Corridor communities subject to recurring climate shocks, and areas with a high presence of people on the move.

Earlier this month, the UN and the Government of Honduras launched a Humanitarian Response Plan that aims to address the critical needs of 1.8 million of the most vulnerable people in that country.

The three countries – which make up Northern Central America – are considered middle-income, but about 25 of their total populations need humanitarian assistance. This figure represents an increase of 60 per cent compared with the 5.2 million people assessed in need in the three countries in early 2020.

All of the documents are available on the OCHA web page for Latin America and the Caribbean.