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Daily Noon Briefing Highlights: Ethiopia

09 Sep 2021


A community waits for food rations at Guroro food distribution point in Kola Tembien woreda, Tigray, Ethiopia, June 2021. © OCHA/Mulu Tesfay Araya

Daily Noon Briefing Highlights – 9 September 2021


In Ethiopia, the UN and partners continue to raise alarms about the dire humanitarian situation due to the conflict in the northern part of the country. 

Months of fighting, insecurity and inadequate access to vital services have left at least 400,000 people facing famine-like conditions. 

Although the UN has not yet been able to independently verify hunger-related deaths, we have received unconfirmed reports of deaths in displacement sites and we are gravely concerned about the life-threatening situation faced by millions of people across northern Ethiopia.

The spillover of the conflict in Tigray into Amhara and Afar is dramatically increasing humanitarian needs across the three regions, at a moment where aid workers are already facing enormous challenges to sustain relief operations. 

Since Sunday, just over 150 trucks of humanitarian assistance arrived into Tigray, and we welcome this development. However, we need at least 100 trucks to arrive into Tigray every single day if we are to meet the scale of needs on the ground. In addition, some supplies have not been able to enter at all, including fuel, without which we are unable to continue our operations.

Despite challenges – and even having to stop food distributions due to stocks depletion – humanitarians continue to make every effort to support people in northern Ethiopia. 

In Tigray, nearly 3.4 million people received food assistance between May and August, out of more than 5.2 million who desperately need this kind of support. However, they received assistance that will support them for three months and a new round of distributions must start soon to make sure they will have the food they need to survive. 

That is why, while welcoming their recent support for the delivery of trucks over the last few days, we urgently call on the Federal Government of Ethiopia and the regional authorities in Afar to ensure unimpeded humanitarian access to Tigray, so we can have relief items delivered in the region every day.