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Daily Noon Briefing Highlights: Mozambique

29 Mar 2021


Thousands of people have been displaced by conflict in the Mozambique province of Cabo Delgado. © UN Mozambique/Helvisney Cardoso

Daily Noon Briefing Highlights – 29 March 2021


The UN and its humanitarian partners are deeply concerned about the safety of civilians in Palma District following the recent attack by non-State armed groups and ongoing clashes reported in the region since 24 March.

Communications are down in Palma and it is extremely challenging to verify information on the situation. However, the UN has received alarming reports that dozens of civilians may have been killed during the attacks and clashes.

The UN anticipates that thousands of people have fled Palma and are making their way by foot, boat and road to reach safer destinations. Many of these people will be fleeing with nothing, some travelling through the bush. They will require urgent assistance at their destinations.

The UN and its humanitarian partners have responded rapidly, ensuring there are teams ready to receive those fleeing.

However, the UN urgently needs additional funding to respond to this new crisis.

The humanitarian community in Mozambique was already stretched prior to the Palma attacks, having responded to multiple climate emergencies, on top of the conflict in Cabo Delgado, in the first months of 2021. Yet, the humanitarian appeal for the Cabo Delgado crisis is currently just 1 per cent funded. The UN immediately requires additional resources if it is to meet the needs of those fleeing the horrific violence in Palma.

The UN calls on all parties to the conflict to comply with their obligations under international humanitarian and human rights law to protect civilians, including humanitarian workers.