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Daily Noon Briefing Highlights: Occupied Palestinian territory

08 Jul 2021


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Daily Noon Briefing Highlights – 8 July 2021

Occupied Palestinian territory

Yesterday, in the Jordan Valley, Israeli authorities displaced 11 households, including 36 children, in the Palestinian herding community of Humsa al Bqai’a. Israeli authorities demolished 27 residential and livestock structures and water tanks. 

Israeli authorities also confiscated food parcels, leaving the community with almost no food or water. Also confiscated were personal belongings, including milk for the children, clothes and hygiene supplies, and fodder for livestock. All material confiscated has been transported to the location the Israeli authorities identified for the relocation of the community, in the village of Ein Shibli.

Representatives from OCHA, non-governmental organizations and Member States sought to gain access to the community, but were refused by the military while the demolitions were taking place. 

We understand that 11 structures that had been provided as humanitarian aid were demolished.

As of noon 8 July, no assistance has been allowed in and an OCHA team that entered the community was requested to leave the site by Israeli forces.

The UN and members of the international community have repeatedly called for the Israeli Government to cease unilateral actions, including demolitions in the West Bank. Forcing this community to leave runs contrary to international law.