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Daily Noon Briefing Highlights: Sudan

28 Jul 2020


Credit: UNICEF/Noorani

Daily Noon Briefing Highlights – 28 July 2020

Sudan: Darfur update

The UN is extremely concerned about the situation in Darfur, Sudan, where a recent escalation in violence in different parts of the region has led to the loss of lives and livelihoods and population displacement.

Reports from humanitarian organizations point to several serious incidents in different villages in South, West and North Darfur states over the last weeks that have left several villages and houses burned, markets and shops looted, and infrastructure damaged.

In one of the latest incidents on 25 July, approximately 60 people were killed and nearly 90 injured in Masteri Town, 48 km from El Geneina, the capital of West Darfur, according to official figures.

The attack in Masteri has alone affected more than 2,000 families, according to preliminary data from the authorities.

The Masteri incident is causing displacement not only in Masteri Town, but in surrounding localities, where people are leaving their homes fearing violence.

Humanitarian partner organizations are conducting assessments with the Government to evaluate the impact and required assistance.

Almost 2.8 million people are estimated to be severely food insecure across all Darfur states, more than 545,000 of them in West Darfur alone.

Despite the challenges posed by insecurity and COVID-19-related restrictions, humanitarian organizations are helping millions of people every day.

Between April and June, we reached more than 2.3 million people with life-saving food and livelihood assistance in Darfur.

But more funding is urgently needed, with Sudan’s Humanitarian Response Plan just 35 per cent funded.