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Daily Noon Briefing Highlights: Sudan

25 Feb 2021


Violence in West Darfur has caused the displacement of thousands of Sudanese people. © UNHCR/Aristophane Ngargoune

Daily Noon Briefing Highlights – 25 February 2021


The acting Humanitarian Coordinator in Sudan, Axel Bisschop, visited West Darfur State in Sudan last week, where he met with some of the 170,000 people displaced people due to intercommunal violence in January. He also met with community leaders, the Governor of West Darfur and relief organizations.

The UN and partners provided one-month food rations, water and sanitation services to more than 70,000 displaced people in Ag Geneina. As humanitarian needs assessments are completed in surrounding villages inhabited by displaced and nomadic communities, aid will be delivered this week.

The operational plan for West Darfur is part of Sudan’s US$1.9 billion Humanitarian Response Plan to provide assistance to 8.9 million vulnerable people.

The acting Humanitarian Coordinator urged donors to provide early and flexible disbursement contributions for the plan to sustain humanitarian operations and provide urgent response to people affected by crises.