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Daily Noon Briefing Highlights: Syria

08 Oct 2020


Credit: OCHA

Daily Noon Briefing Highlights – 8 October 2020

Syria: Record US$40 million Humanitarian Fund allocation

OCHA reports that the Syria Humanitarian Fund (SHF) has released U $40 million, its largest ever allocation, to enable life-saving assistance for 1.3 million people across the country.

This includes support to families in under-served areas where humanitarian needs are particularly acute and worsening under the added strain of COVID-19.

Announcing the record release from the SHF yesterday, the UN Resident Coordinator and Humanitarian Coordinator for Syria, Imran Riza, said the $40 million allocation will be critical to assist vulnerable communities, many who would otherwise have limited humanitarian support.

It will bolster health-care systems, augment food security and livelihood opportunities, and enhance important protection services.

OCHA is disbursing the funds, whose allocation includes $8.7 million for 19 national NGOs.

This SHF allocation has the broadest reach to date, supporting 62 projects across 93 sub-districts. This includes areas with acute need in rural Damascus, rural Aleppo, Homs, Dar’a, Hama, rural Lattakia, Ar-Raqqa and Deir-ez-Zor, some of which will benefit from SHF-supported projects for the first time.

Since its creation in 2014, the SHF has supported 65 humanitarian organizations in Syria.