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Daily Noon Briefing Highlights: Ukraine

06 May 2022


Distribution of humanitarian aid in the village of Novoselivka, north of Chernihiv (on 12 April). The village was badly damaged by bombing. Credit: Serhii Korovayny

Daily Noon Briefing Highlights –  6 May 2022


The UN and our humanitarian partners continue to expand the relief operations and have now reached more than 5.4 million people across the country with assistance since the war started 10 weeks ago. This is 1.3 million people more than what we reported last week.

More than 4.7 million people have received food assistance from the UN and our partners, and nearly 1.5 million people have accessed critical health care.

Cash interventions – which are prioritized in the response - have increased, covering 550,000 people since 24 February. And more than 230,000 children have received support to continue their education. Our humanitarian colleagues also provided protection services to more than 370,000 people; this includes assistance at border crossing points and psychological support for displaced people.

This scale-up has taken place despite high insecurity, lack of humanitarian access and, most recently, the lack of fuel which is impacting organizations’ ability to travel long distances. The increasing lack of fuel in the country also limits people’s ability to move to areas further from active fighting.