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Daily Noon Briefing Highlights: Venezuela  

26 Aug 2021


Mérida, Venezuela. © Loss and Damage Youth Coalition

Daily Noon Briefing Highlights – 26 August 2021


OCHA reports that 10 out of 24 states in the country have been seriously affected by heavy rains since May. 

Yesterday, 25 August, President Maduro declared a state of emergency in five states, including Mérida in the Andean region, following heavy structural damages. 

Merida has been considerably affected by flooding and landslides.

As of yesterday, 20 people have died in Mérida, according to local authorities. An estimated 1,200 families have been affected, with hundreds of homes destroyed or damaged. Affected families have relocated to more secure areas. Some 110 civil protection officers and 300 state security officials have been deployed to the state in response. Damage and impact assessments are ongoing in the state. 

In support of the local response in Mérida, UN agencies are coordinating the delivery of emergency kits, hygiene and sanitation supplies, and drinking water. 

An inter-agency mission – including UN agencies and non-governmental organizations – is also under way today in Mérida, delivering assistance and conducting a rapid needs assessment in coordination with local and civil protection authorities.

Humanitarian partners continue to monitor the situation in other affected states, and mobilize support as needed.