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Daily Noon Briefing Highlights: Yemen

21 Aug 2020


UN and partners continue to provide aid to affected people. Credit: OCHA

Despite challenges humanitarian partners continue to deliver humanitarian aid across Yemen. The biggest problem aid agencies are facing now is the lack of funds.

Acting Assistant Secretary-General for Humanitarian Affairs Ramesh Rajasingham warned the Security Council this week that key humanitarian programmes are shutting down because of lack of funds. The Humanitarian Coordinator made a similar appeal later in the week. 

Yemen’s Humanitarian Response Plan remains only 21 per cent funded out of US$3.38 billion requested – the lowest funding level ever so late in the year. Much of this gap is due to  a decrease in support from Yemen’s neighbours in the Gulf.

The UN has called on all donors to pay outstanding pledges immediately, and on those who did not pledge, or pledged less than last year, to increase their support. Urgent funding is needed for lifesaving programmes across Yemen.