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Daily Noon Briefing Highlights: Yemen

28 Jan 2021


Three internally displaced children who fled with their families from Al Hudaydah Governorate in 2018 are pictured at the Shaab settlement on the outskirts of Aden, Yemen, November 2020. © 
Giles Clarke for OCHA

Daily Noon Briefing Highlights – 28 January 2021


There is an uptick in clashes since mid-January in southern areas of Al Hudaydah Governorate in Yemen, including shelling of residential areas. Preliminary reports indicate there have already been civilian casualties, that houses and farms in Hays and Ad Durayhimi have been damaged and over 100 families – at least 700 people – have been displaced.

“Indiscriminate attacks on residential areas are a breach of international humanitarian law and must stop immediately,” said Mr. Auke Lootsma, Humanitarian Coordinator a.i. in Yemen. “The parties must remember that they have a duty to take all necessary measures to protect civilians at all times and allow humanitarians to respond to the injured and displaced.”

The number of civilian casualties in Al Hudaydah Governorate is an ongoing cause of concern. In the last three months of 2020, 153 civilian casualties were reported in Al Hudaydah, the highest number reported in any governorate across the country, with continued clashes close to residential areas.

Yemen remains the world’s worst humanitarian crisis. Nearly 80 per cent of the population – over 24 million people – require some form of humanitarian assistance and protection. Only 56 per cent of the US$3.38 billion needed for the humanitarian response in 2020 has been received.