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DRC: US$64.5 million needed to save 731,000 lives in the Kasai region

10 May 2017


Credit: OCHA/Joseph Mankamba

The crisis that began in August 2016 in Kasai Central Province in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) quickly spread to neighbouring Kasai, Kasai Oriental, Lomami and Sankuru Provinces. Since then, more than 1 million people have been displaced.

The escalating conflict has led to more acts of violence against civilians, further aggravating pre-existing intercommunal disputes. Thousands of children are now victims of indiscriminate violence, separated from their families and being recruited by the militia.

As the Kasai region was previously relatively stable, the response to the crisis was initially led by local authorities, communities and development actors. The region is now considered a priority area for humanitarian operations.

Food insecurity, protection and malnutrition concerns mean the region now also faces many logistical challenges related to the poor road network and the wide geographic extent of the conflict-affected area. Resources are limited, and complementarity is urgently needed between emergency relief and long-term assistance. Therefore, a special effort in coordination is required with actors already well-established in the region.

To respond to the most pressing needs of some 731,000 extremely vulnerable people for the next six months, the humanitarian community launched a flash appeal in April for US$64.5 million. The majority of these people are women and children.
The requested funds are intended to cover the most urgent needs in the following sectors:

Sector Funds required People targeted
Food Security $23 million 330,354
Non-food Items $14 million 382,875
Protection $4.5 million 408,047
Health $4 million 371,917
Water, Sanitation and Hygiene $3.2 million 283,732
Education $2.7 million 41,964
Logistics $2.4 million N/A
Nutrition $1 million 4,593


The appeal was prepared and launched by the inter-agency provincial committees in Central Kasai, Kasai and Kasai Oriental Provinces. The committees worked with UNICEF and the World Health Organization as the humanitarian focal points for the targeted areas, with technical support from OCHA and national clusters.

The flash appeal applies the first three strategic objectives of the Humanitarian Response Plan for DRC 2017-2019:

  1. Immediate improvement of living conditions of the crisis-affected people, especially the most vulnerable
  2. Protection of the crisis-affected people and guaranteeing their human rights
  3. Reduction of the excess mortality and increased morbidity of the affected people.

The appeal also takes into account the severe impact of the complex emergency on protection needs, access to services, nutrition and the risk of epidemics.