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Haiti: Unrest disrupts humanitarian programmes

02 Oct 2019


As unrest continues in Haiti, some 2 million children do not have access to education. Credit: OCHA (file photo)

As unrest continues in Haiti, hospitals, orphanages, civil protection units and other emergency services are functioning with limited capacity due to fuel shortages, lack of safe water and other essentials.

Security incidents and roadblocks have disrupted humanitarian programmes of United Nations agencies and NGOs.

At the beginning of the year, 2.6 million Haitians were food insecure. There are indications that more people could be food insecure due to economic challenges and rainfall deficits in some parts of the country. Should the current situation continue, thousands of people already facing the consequences of severe food insecurity could be further impacted, with food assistance unable to reach them.

Many schools have been closed for the past two weeks, leaving an estimated 2 million children and young people without any access to education.

UN agencies and their partners are seeking to resume humanitarian assistance to thousands of vulnerable Haitians.

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