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This holiday season, you can change a life

20 Dec 2018


“Many people who have stayed in Darfur have died – it still hits me so hard. If we didn’t have the UN that’s where my family would be now.”  – Ekhlas, Sudan

Ekhlas and her family fled their home country of Sudan when war broke out. They received support from the United Nations but had to leave behind everything they knew and everyone they loved.

In Darfur, during the first half of 2018, some 15,000 people have been newly displaced and as of 1 December, over 3.1 million people are estimated to be in need of humanitarian assistance (of whom 1.6 million live in 60 camps).

“I just wonder why it was all ripped away from me.” – Fatimah, Iraq

Fatimah was only 5 years old when she was forced to leave war-torn Iraq. Her family has found safety, but she is still affected by the experience.

Military operations by Iraqi security forces to retake Mosul city in Ninewa governorate from the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) ended last July, but the human suffering and enormous physical destruction are still heavily felt across the country. Close to one million people were forced to flee violence in search of safety. Hospitals, bridges, schools, water treatment and power plants were contaminated with unprecedented quantities of explosive hazards and improvised explosive devices (IEDs) that were left by ISIL.

“I lost so many siblings in the refugee camp. You can’t see what I have been through just by looking at me. I grew up in a refugee camp. Without the UN, my life could have ended there.” Nyawal, South Sudan

Nyawal, a young woman from South Sudan, experienced first-hand what conflict and war do to millions of families around the world. In South Sudan, more than 7 million people - about two thirds of the population - are in dire need of some form of humanitarian assistance and protection in 2019. The country remains in the grip of a serious humanitarian crisis. Hunger, malnutrition and the safety of civilians continue to escalate.

The stories of Ekhlas, Fatimah and Nyawal are not unique. More than 132 million people around the world urgently need humanitarian aid. The United Nations and its partner organizations aim to assist 93.6 million of the most vulnerable with food, shelter, health care, education, protection and other basic assistance. But we can't do it alone.


Donate to the UN's Emergency Fund

As the end of the year draws near and you make plans to gather with your loved ones, let’s not forget the families that are being torn apart by conflict and disasters. There is no time to lose – please donate today.

With your donation to the UN’s Emergency Fund, you will help the UN and its partners on the ground deliver assistance to those who need it most. Your gift, no matter how big or small, will be truly life-saving.

“Let’s not forget that we see the combination of conflict, climate change, movement of people and many other dramas in today’s global society that make humanitarian action more needed than ever. Be absolutely sure that what you will invest in CERF is probably the most profitable investment you can make for the good of humankind.” - Antonio Guterres, UN Secretary-General