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Humanitarian Coordinator briefs Member States on the current situation

23 Mar 2011


Chadian men who have fled the unrest in Libya share a meal under the limited shelter at a waiting area at the Saloum Land Port on the Egyptian/Libyan border. Credit: OCHA/David Ohana
Humanitarian Coordinator for Libya expresses concern over the humanitarian impact of ongoing hostilities in and around locations of active fighting. Solutions are needed to assist third country nation

On 22 March, the Humanitarian Coordinator for Libya briefed Member States in Geneva on the humanitarian situation. UNHCR and IOM also presented updates on their respective programme and priorities. At the meeting, concern was expressed over the humanitarian impact of the ongoing hostilities.

It was recognized that there was a high level of uncertainty over the present situation inside the country. The need to assist third country nationals fleeing the violence in Libya, including by repatriating them to their countries of origin was also highlighted.

The meeting also underscored the need to identify solutions to resettle some 1,000 third country nationals (mostly Iraqis and Palestinians) at Libya’s borders with Egypt and Tunisia who do not wish to return to their countries.


Humanitarian Coordinator briefs Member States, 23 March

The situation of civilians in and around Ajdebya, Misrata and other locations where active fighting continues remains of grave concern. In addition to the risk of personal injury from the fighting, the population of these towns may also have humanitarian needs arising from the disruption of regular services and supply lines. The presence of assistance actors inside Libya remains very limited due to prevailing security conditions.

Hostilities in the immediate vicinity of Benghazi have been diminishing, resulting in better access for regular traffic and commercial activity.

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