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Humanitarian Data: OCHA launches ground-breaking data exchange platform

15 Jul 2014


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New data platform will provide a place for humanitarians to find and share reliable, timely data.

It is a universal consensus that data saves lives. Data provides the humanitarian community with short and long term solutions to provide vulnerable communities with the help they need, when they need it.

Collecting and managing data, particularly in the onset of a humanitarian crisis, presents a number of challenges. During a crisis, responders end up collecting a lot of data on the ground in many different formats. This type of rushed, responsive data-gathering is useful to meet the urgent needs of the affected population, but less so when data sets are brought together to compare trends over time, or build a big picture about what’s happening across a crisis.

After extensive research, OCHA has led the development of Humanitarian Data Exchange (HDX), a new data sharing platform that encompasses the best standards in data collection, offering access to useful and accurate data. HDX is a unique system that will transform the role data plays in the future of humanitarian operations, enabling organizations to provide more targeted assistance and meet evolving needs.